Illuminate Your Business with Oelo Commercial Lighting in Grand Junction, Colorado, and Moab, Utah

“A single star could not light the sky, working together though will bring us light”

Commercial Lighting Solutions

Transform Your Commercial Space into a Beacon of Attraction and Efficiency

Welcome to the future of commercial lighting in Grand Junction, Colorado, and Moab, Utah. Oelo brings you a comprehensive LED lighting solution that not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your business but also offers unparalleled efficiency and control. With Oelo’s innovative lighting systems, your business can stand out, attract more customers, and save on energy costs—all with a touch of fun!

Durability and Efficiency

Choose from Oelo’s sleek aluminum or vibrant acrylic cover options while enjoying the benefits of UL-certified, IP68 waterproof-rated LED lights. Rated for 100,000 hours of use, Oelo’s lights promise over two decades of nightly glow with minimal maintenance.

Smart Control at Your Fingertips

With our WiFi or cloud-based controls, manage your lighting from anywhere. Our secure applications for web browsers, iPhone, and Android devices allow you to schedule your lighting 12 months in advance, ensuring your business is always lit up appropriately, no matter the occasion.

Vibrant Colors and Dynamic Patterns

Dive into a world of 16 million hues, infinite patterns, and engaging movement settings. Whether for the holiday season, special sales events, or to showcase your brand’s colors, Oelo lights make your business the focal point of any street in Grand Junction or Moab.

Why Choose Oelo for Your Business?

Safety and Security:

A well-lit exterior not only attracts more customers but also enhances the safety and security of your premises. With Oelo, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your business is always visible and inviting.


Typically we don’t have issues with our products. However if something comes up, rest assured you can call or text our dedicated business line for a quick responses!


Each business will be given an Apple I-Pad with a remote application to control the colors, twinkle mode, each light source if needed, shooting stars mode, strobe and fading effects. We will also provide a detailed manual on how to use the application.

Quote it out

We give out quotes based on the size of the room, add ons like shooting stars or designs, what type of cieling/roof is currently being used and if any painting or framework needs to be done (not typical). Once the quote is done, we will go over it detail by detail to make sure you are satified with everything!

Join the Oelo Family

Celebrate Every Moment


From the Fourth of July 

Fireworks to the serene glow of Christmas lights, Oelo’s lighting system allows your business in Grand Junction or Moab to celebrate every moment. Our standard in-range WiFi app and optional cloud-based control offer endless possibilities to engage your community and customers with festive lights, awareness campaigns, or simply the iconic look of your brand.

Step into the light with Oelo and outshine your competition in Grand Junction, Colorado, and Moab, Utah. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction ensures that your business will not only be seen but remembered.

Discover the difference with Oelo’s commercial lighting solutions. Illuminate your business, reduce maintenance costs, and attract more customers. Because with Oelo, every night is an opportunity to shine.



On average there are aroung 3 lights per sqft. You can add more lights to fit your desired vision up to 7 stars per sqft. For each additional star added will cost $3 per sqft.


These Upgraded panels are perfect for any resturant or entertainment venue! This will add a very nice sound management for anyone wanting to improve the overall “echo” that is created from the sound waves. 


Due to every building being different in how the fiber optics are installed, we are unble to give pricing without first inspecting the location. However when we do give you the quote, we promise to not exceed the quoted amount. It will be that amount or under!

Fire protection

With every install comes an ELIDE FIRE – USA compliant extinguishing ball. These are self activating and only activate when a flame is detected (not by heat). Not only do we use this for buisness use but also for added protection for our homes! Saftey and satisfation is our first priority! Learn more about Elide

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Beautiful on Homes. Impactful on Business.



Shawn C.

5 ☆☆☆☆☆

Michael and his Team did an amazing job installing a night sky in my daughters room! He was very professional, and worked around our busy schedules.

Jaycee R.

5 ☆☆☆☆☆

These lights are from out of this world! I never thought this would be possible until we saw the samples at the local fair. Michael came out quoted us way less then we thought it would cost and it turned out far past our expectations.

Michael Kendall

Michael Kendall