Landscape Lighting

If you’ve ever struggled to see the keyhole or unlock your front door after dark, you know how important it is to have outdoor lighting that’s not only functional but also safe. This is important in particular when dealing with children. The proper lighting can also make your home appear welcoming and secure.

A well-lit home can provide comfort, security, and a sense of community to your visitors. A well-lit home will also raise the property value. If you plan to sell your home, consider upgrading your lighting fixtures today.

Our Mission

Our main goal is to help anyone in need of advice or expert installation for lighting. We want to be the “LIGHT GUYS” that you think of any time you need a bulb or any kind of lighting fixure. For us to become that, we know we must keep our reputation and quality high. It does not matter if you buy one bulb or 10,000 bulbs and fixures from us, you will get the same service and treatment. Lighting your home is one of the most beautiful things you can do. Almost all high end real estate listing have a picture of the home iluminated at night. With a proper landscape light design, your home will look 100 times better at night. The right lighting will help focus the detail from the architect of the building and become more elegant. 

Cost effective lighting

The costs can really vary between each project. But there are some key points to keeping it cost effective and efficient. To minimize upfront cost you will want to keep your lighting expectations low and expect higher electric bills. One of the main upfront costs are the bulbs used in the fixures. By now you have probably heard that LED’s are for more effecient than Halogen bulb’s. However if you are on an initial budget and want to light the entire front of your house and 15 different trees. The cost can jump tramendously for just the Bulbs. So what do you do? Start with choosing what type of fixure finnish you would like. Aluminum is typically the most affordable but it tends to not hold up as long. Aluminum fixtures can range but are typically $10-$25 each. Brass fixures are most preffered by proffesionas since they last upto 4-5 times longer and are typically $25-$50 each. If you are on a really tight budget then opt in for the aluminum fixure with the hologen or incondecent bulbs. But if you can spend a few hunder more then get the higher quality fixures. If you do invest into the higher quality fixures then in a couple of years you may be able to afford to switch out the bulbs to LED and in turn become more efficient on the electric bill. If you haven’t read our post “Why choose a proffesions to help with your lighting needs” then we suggest you check that out!

Back Yard Lighting

People are spending more and more time outdoors. One of the most preffered places to enjoy the outdoors is in your own safe backyard. We tend to want to go inside once the sun goes down, but with the right lighting you can safely enjoy your backyard as the moon comes up.

Security Lighting

One of the first things people do is add in security lighting. Either to deter criminals or animals, security lighting usually consists of motion activated lights. These lights are typically placed in high areas pointing down, on gates or entry ways or close to doors of the house or garage. For maximum effect, make sure that your choice has a three-bulb housing and a brightness rating of at least 2000 lumens.

Click here for more information about Back Yard Lighting.

Work With Us!

No Cost Consultation

We will meet with you, walk with you and give insight to your vision. Show you what fixures, bulbs and even transformers will be needed.

Service Contracts

When choosing a service contract, all we ask is that if something happens (bulb goes out) you call us. We guarentee replacments under warranty periods of all fixures and bulbs as long as we are the ones servicing them. Click Here for more information on Services.

Do It Yourself

Our installation prices are very competitive. But we understand some people have a basic understanding of installing but lack the design aspect. We still want to be there to help guide you and hope with our expertise you will refer friends or family to us!


Stand out.. At night, from not only your competitors but from everyone. Whats a better way to advertise your business that to light it up at night for all passersby to see!


Maybe you already have an existing lighting system. All you need are some new bulbs but don’t know what to choose. We can help to find the tone, type and size that is needed! 

Rental lights

Do you need to light an area up but for only one or two nights? Having a party or concert and want better visibility? We have your back, call us for pricing and availibility!

Michael is great to work with! Their team was prompt, efficient, and even came back to show us how to best use the app. We’ve had so many compliments on our new lights. We love them!

Curtis Haynes

MK Optics is amazing! Great work and honest! Love their lights and shadow boxes! Michael is very thorough and cares about his clients and the work he does!

Christina Downward

Michael was extremely patient with me as I asked many questions regarding the lighting of our beautiful neighborhood blue spruce tree. His pride and integrity is obvious when looking at the end product. I would highly recommend you giving him a call.

Kathi Pewters

More Questions?

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