Elide makes an added protection fire suppression. MK Optics uses Elide to help protect against any possible fires. Scroll down to learn more.

What is Elide?

Elide makes a revolutionary product that continuously helps stop fires. They use a Fire suppression ball that only activates when exposed to a flame. When a flame is present the Elide ball then activates with a suppression powder to cover the flame and pull the oxygen from the surrounding area to extinguish the fire. In a sense, it is as if you were to blow a candle out on a birthday cake with the lung power of David Hasselhoff, while adding an eco-friendly chemical powder to ensure it doesn’t relite at the same time.

Acts as an alarm

Not only will the suppression ball extinguish the flames, but it also provides a loud boom noise. When the ball senses a flame, it will self-activate to cover a certain square footage with the powder (depending on which ball being used). The explosion is loud and can be heard easily, allowing you to act fast and save your assets. Kind of like have a fire alarm and extinguisher in one, that don’t need batteries!

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